Saturday, 19 November 2016

This startup will help you beat queues outside banks

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Do you want to avoid the serpentine queues to exchange money or deposit cheques outside your nearest bank branch? Gurgaon-based concierge service startup, ‘Done Thing’ is there to the rescue. Done Thing, which was previously known as Qlivery is helping customers by offering to stand in the queue and inform the customer when the representative is closer to cashier. "On putting forward the request to DoneThing, a runner will be assigned for the given task, who would (on customer’s behalf) stand in the queue. When the runner’s turn comes, customers are accordingly apprised about it, who have to be present and deposit the cash themselves," the company said in a statement. 


Last week, Modi government banned Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in a move aimed at clamping down on India's bustling parallel cash economy. Ever since the announcement long waiting lines have become a norm outside ATMs and bank branches. DoneThing mobile app is a personal assistant solution that assists users to do their daily tasks, including other banking activities, personalised shopping and packet pick and drop to name a few. Founded in 2015 by Karan Saharan, Chetan Agarwal, Sonal Saraogi, and Rohit Pansari, the startup raised USD 230,000 from Hong Kong-based Swastika Co Limited in March 2016. It currently employ 120 people and plan to hire another 1,500 across various profiles by March 2017. It is charging Rs 100 per hour for this service, said a customer care representative. 


"We aim to promote the government’s initiative of demonetisation to curb black money and provide helping hands and support to the common people. Our other services are also aimed at easing the day-to-day life of the people, so that they can focus on the other important things of their life," said Rohit Pansari, co-founder, DoneThing.

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