Monday, 12 December 2016

Long-term IT earnings growth seen in high single-digits

For Forex and Commodity Market Trading view as :

Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric on H1B visas are less of an issue for the IT sector. IT sector will continue to wrestle with challenges regardless of the US president elect's negative bias towards immigrant workers. Long-term earnings growth for IT may be in high-single digits at best. He believes there is more room for earnings corrections. In a normal case, India has a lot going for it domestically, he said, admitting that demonetization has created a disruptive effect.  ➤

There will be some colour in the third quarter earnings in January, he said. As regards RBI policy which kept the rates unchanged, he said it was a non-event. Although people were expecting a cut, they were cognizant of the real impact of cut will be minimal.

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