Thursday, 1 December 2016

OPEC outcome negative for India; IT to gain under Trump

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The pain will continue well into the March quarter of current fiscal, says Sanger. OPEC in its meeting yesterday, agreed to cut output after 8 years. This will lead to a long term positive for crude price. It may be positive for oil producing nations like Russia, but will be a negative for importers like India and China. Crude price rise and other global cues may hamper RBI's ability to cut rates, he says. He also does not see the Indian market rally due to the global pressures. US market is liking the pro US growth story under Trump administration. 

US traders see taxes being cut. They also expect less regulatory burden due to Donald Trump winning the US elections, which they view as a huge positive for the market. He sees the Indian IT sector doing very well under Trump's presidency. Despite the uncertainty around H1B visas, the IT companies stand to gain.

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