Monday, 26 December 2016

Sensex, Nifty still under pressure

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China which kicked off measures to root out black money in 2014 took three years to complete it. Talking about GST, mentioned that it is an equally disruptive measure, which will see a lot of informal business coming into the formal fold. The dollar trade is turning out to be a consensus trade. It is a safe haven trade and the key point is investors are reluctant to buy country funds. They want to look at broad-based investing styles. There could be many events impacting the market – issues like US yields rising, short-term demonetisation pain impacting consumption and SMEs etc. 

It is very difficult to gauge the bottom levels for the market but it has become more of a stock-specific market than sector-specific, so if you get stocks at your prices then it is a good opportunity to buy. “At every price there are stocks to buy and stocks to sell. According to him, market will not decline, forever, so it is time to accumulate stocks that you always wanted to have in the portfolio. It is a pendulum market, so look for companies with good management, good governance.

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