Saturday, 17 December 2016

What's the Taxi guidelines will help in curbing vehicular pollution ?

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The recent guidelines proposed by a panel of the Transport Ministry on taxis will help in combating vehicular pollution by reducing number of private vehicles on the roads, TERI has said. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) said the proposed "liberalised" taxi permit regime, which removes restrictions placed on the number of city taxis as well taxis with All India Tourist Permits, means "that the demand in the market will determine how many taxis are on the road instead of arbitrary government decisions". "TERI fully supports the recommendations of the Committee constituted to review issues relating to taxi permits as they would lead to a considerable reduction in the number of private vehicles and thereby in the vehicular pollution," read a press statement issued by TERI. 

As per the proposed guidelines, the restrictions placed on the number of city taxis should be removed to facilitate more taxis on city roads. The panel said taxis with All India Tourist Permit may also be allowed to ply for all purposes -both tourist and non-tourist, except as street hailing taxis. This, it said, will allow for maximum utilisation of these vehicles, thereby leading to decreased private car ownership. "The recommendations represent a trade-off between the need to ensure adequate taxis on the road at all times as well as protect consumer interests," TERI said. On allowing surge pricing of up to four-times, the research institute said, "The limits proposed for surge pricing seem reasonable too.

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