Monday, 6 February 2017

The “Trump Wall” Super Bowl Ad Was Censored. Here’s The Unedited Version: Ripples Advisory

Ripples Advisory Private Limited, Indore @9303093093

The full, uncut commercial shows the girl and her mother returning to the Mexican-American border years later, only to find that an enormous wall has been erected. Obviously, the ad is referencing President Donald Trump’s fabled border wall that will supposedly solve all of America’s problems by keeping out hard working immigrants.

However, the wall has a door built of wood to illustrate the company’s commitment to the great American tradition of immigration and the family is able to pass through. Unfortunately, we have reached the stage where it is “too controversial” to show a family reconciling the two worlds that have lived in, and “too controversial” to challenge Trump’s wall directly with a story of integration in American society.

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