Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Trump amends H1B rules, entry level techies to be hit hardest

The Trump administration quietly reworked its H-1B visa policy over the weekend, and this is likely to impact entry-level IT workers the hardest. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service has released a revised set of H-1B guidelines dated March 31, 2017, which will hit entry-level 'software programmers' and IT companies applying for work visas this H-1B season, which opened Monday. 

Currently, there are about 120,000 H-1B holders in the US. Many of them are shipped from countries such as India to work on projects for US companies which look to replace expensive local labor with cheap foreign labour under the guise of ‘knowledge transfer’. About 40 percent of the IT workers who apply for tech jobs fall under the entry level category.

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