Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Government delays Telecom Auction by 2 days

The Indian Government has said that it has delayed the mega sale of mobile frequencies by two days to October 1 following the industry's demand for starting spectrum auction from an auspicious date. Commenting on the issue, a Department of Telecom Official told the media, "For start of the auction 29th September READ start of the auction 1st October." 

As per the earlier schedule, bids for airwaves was scheduled to start from September 29, which falls during the 'Shradh' period, during which rituals are held to pay homage to the dead and is considered inauspicious to start any new work. 


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The Shradhs are followed by Navratras -- a nine-day festival period. Telecom operators had demanded that the spectrum sale, which is the biggest ever auction, should begin with the start of Navratra festival which is considered auspicious.

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