Monday, 22 May 2017

Wipro looks to trim workforce by 10% in FY18, asks managers to find poor performers

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Wipro, India’s third-largest IT services company, is looking to reduce its workforce by 10 percent this year. Wipro currently employees close to 1.8 lakh people.

Internally, the project is code-named B10 (Bottom 10 percent). The managers said the human resource department had asked them to identify the bottom 10 percent during appraisals which concluded in April. The company last year introduced a quarterly appraisal system.

When asked about this, Wipro denied the development, but refused to give the actual percentage of employees it was likely to fire due to performance-related issues.

These rumors have no basis,” the company said in an e-mail response. Several senior managers who confirmed that the targeted headcount reduction is 10 percent this year.

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